What is Biltong?

All cultures that raise beef have their own method of preserving it.

In North America, it is known as "jerky"

In South America, it is known as "charque"

In South Africa, it is known as biltong and the method of preparation is different as well as the spices used to give it its special character.

In South Africa, vinegar and salt pull together the many other spices to give a savory experience unlike that found in the New World.

Our artisanal preparation brings an additional dimension to biltong.

While the traditional South African cowboy recipe might have required an emphasis on preservation before all else, you can enjoy biltong with varying degrees of spice and dryness without losing the authenticity of days of old.

Order your biltong dark and dry or pink and moist.  Specify the amount of black pepper you prefer.  No matter what your preference, your biltong will satisfy and give you a dried-beef experience unique to South Africa, here in Buenos Aires.

Hikers and trekkers, high-protein dieters, and gourmets of all stripes recognize biltong as the ultimate in dried beef and swear by it.

Once you try it, you'll not easily forget it.

Order yours today and begin enjoying biltong.

To your very good health,