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Let´s Talk Jerky
The great overlooked American charcuterie
by Sara Dickerman

"In its purest form, jerky is produced more or less like other dried-meat products around the world: Tibetan dried mutton, South African biltong, Spanish mojama, even Italian prosciutto and bresaola. Meat—often salted, sometimes marinated—is left to cure in the open air.

Much more delicious is "craft jerky," which might not have the complexity of serious charcuterie like Spanish ham or fermented Italian salamis, but is meaty and immediate and appealing. Jerky is a good way for small, specialty meat producers to market their products to people who might not be ready to buy, say, a whole side of beef. Each piece functions as an edible postcard from a given farm or ranch..."

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4 Tasty Football Snacks From Around the World


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A type of cured, dried meat not dissimilar to the beef jerky that is ubiquitous across America, South Africa's Biltong can be made from various meats, but is often produced with local game such as kudu and springbok.

Visiting fans immersing themselves in local tastes and culture at the 2010 World Cup could enjoy the tasty delicacy as a slightly healthier option than the usual fast food choices. High in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, in some ways Biltong is the perfect snack.